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the Yoga of Sound


My name is Amrit Neer Gyan.

I am a Kirtanea and a Naad Yogi. I study Sikh Music and the Dilruba and I teach the Harmonium.

I am looking forward to discovering / exploring the magic of sound with you, and discover(ing) what it holds for you / with all that it holds for you!

My journey

I have been studying Naad Yoga / Sikh Music and Gurbani Kirtan #with my beloved teachers Snatam Kaur and Prabhu Nam Kaur and Gurmat Sangeet with Prof. Surinder Singh - NYTT!-# for several years now, and #am# teaching Harmonium for Snatam Kaur since 2022.

I love sharing the joy and blessings I experience in my practice in Kirtan offerings and in my teaching, providing a loving and supportive space for my students to unfold their own potential.

Let sound guide you

Embark with me on your journey of self-discovery through the captivating world of Naad Yoga, the ancient art of sound and rhythm, and through the wisdom of the Shabad Guru.

Join me as we explore / dive into the transformative power of this profound practice, and let it guide you / which can bring / take you closer to the truth of your heart.

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